Team Leader :

We all know how the world is affected by pollution and how harmful is it for us so my project will take care of the tree which is planted in a limited amount of area. With A.I. will be able to perform

  1. move in a particular direction
  2. give water to tree
  3. measure how much moisture is present in the tree and which tree needs fertilizer
  4. proper cutting of tree
  5. auto recharge with the use of solar 
  6. rain sensor will be there so in the rain our A.I will not go outside

With the help of this we can extend our life on the Earth for more years.


THE thing which inspire me for making this project is that when i go in delhi i cant able to take breath properly and my small brother also but my brother got serious that incident inspire me for making this project and also from my house i saw the jungle having fire on it and the war which is done by the human that things inspire me for making this project.


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