Congratulations to the Keysight Innovation Challenge Finalists

Keysight Technologies is proud to announce the top finalists for the Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022. Due to two teams receiving the same score in the semifinals, we have decided to advance six teams to the final competition. 

All six finalist teams will receive a $2,500 USD stipend to develop their concepts. The teams will present their ideas during the final competition in Santa Rosa, California on October 29, 2022. Students will have a chance to win up to a $30,000 USD cash prize and $10,000 USD worth of Keysight test equipment for their school. The final competition will also be livestreamed.

Top 6 Finalist Teams

Thank you to all 52 teams who submitted entries and 2,100 registrants from 106 countries. If you were one of the winners of a T-shirt and comic book, you will be notified by email by July 15. In the meantime, stay tuned to this site for more information about the final event and how to view the livestream on October 29, 2022.

It takes just one idea to change the world. Together we can make a difference.

2019 Keysight Innovation Challenge Highlight Reel


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